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Anti-Virus PVC-Landing mat 'Basic'

Anti-Virus PVC-Landing mat 'Basic'
Anti-Virus PVC-Landing mat 'Basic'

New type of landing mat, 300x200x20 cm

  • Entry-level model without carpet

  • complete with PVC cover - the top surface is with the new anti-virus PVC
  • With handy grips
  • Connectable at 4 sides
  • The new PVC-technology with included silver particles reduces the presence of a virus on the surface in the following manner: 15 minutes after contact by 95%, after 60 minutes this is even up to 98%
  • This technology has been tested by Virhealth, a laboratory specializing in antiviral and antibacterial testing
  • In order to maintain the antiviral properties of the top layer, it is highly recommended to clean this surface regularly with a neutral cleanser
  • With proper cleaning, the top layer of the mat retains its antiviral properties for up to 3 years

  • Supports your hygiene actions in the gym
  • Protective anti-virus cover at the top surface
  • Brand new technology with integrated silver particles
  • Reduces the transmission of viruses
  • Same features like blue version
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Артикул № 2241007
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длина300 cm
высота20 cm
ширина200 cm
связываемый4 стороны
Ручки4 ручки
Упаковка и транспортировка
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