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Magnesia Cream - 250 ml (per piece)

Magnesia Cream - 250 ml (per piece)
Magnesia Cream - 250 ml (per piece)

Characterised by its consistency

  • it is a liquid cream that turns from liquid to solid -> prevents chalk dust in the air

  • contains 80% alcohol
  • less magnesium needed, so no waste
  • made in the EU
  • bottle is made of recycled plastic
  • it is important and necessary to shake the bottle before use (for using advices, please have a look in the product video)

  • Thicker than conventional liquid magnesia
  • Ensures even distribution and is durable in use
  • Ensures a perfect grip on the hands
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Based on alcohol solution - has disinfecting effect
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формат250 ml
количествоза штуку
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